Transformation MicroTheory

lat. transformatio, -ōnis.

Many definitions dance between transformations and changes, being common the idea “to leave of”.

Before “leaving of”, it is necessary to select carefully the characteristic (s) that we want to transform. A sobredimension of the change in the enterprise scope can be catastrophic. The fact of the existence of a company means that one thing has been made well at least: to create.

It is necessary to flee from the urgency in the transformation, since it can hardly be the correct answer but in a short delay. The transformations must be directed with tenacity and commitment but without the necessity of results.

In the success, nothing is learned. All transformation is a source of fails, fully of knowledge and very useful. The transformation is fed on itself, so it must be a constant asset in any company of nowadays.

Playing Mindproccess. I continue in transformation.


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