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In Distributed Systems and Configurations Design and Evaluation context, sometimes it is necessary doing reconfigurations owed to errors or failures in system’s components (corrective reconfiguration) or system’s performance enhancement (preventive reconfiguration).

            In this study, we consider an agent inclusion in each system. These agents will be able to communicate and to coordinate with the others, searching potential configuration problems, also periodic surveillances around the running. These functionalities would be assured by the agents’ characteristics:

  • Autonomy: unattended execution (no human expert needed)
  • Cooperation: between other systems’ agents, finding specific solutions

  • Reactivity: agents are also systems, so they must answer respecting time delays

  • Learning: improve and adjust their behaviors

            A criticality example in the configuration evaluation is the memory management. In the case of Java, this memory management is more complicated if it fits in the case to determine the appropriate parameters for the implementation of Garbage Collection. When it comes to a complete collection (full GC) system can help meet requests for a certain period of time. This situation becomes critical in real-time systems, since the resulting degradation of response times and loss of synchronization in different systems can be fatal)

Finally, in a quick view, the project consist in a study of monitoring and management functionalities available in Java Management eXtensions (JMX), with a software agent system’s analyze and design that realize these facilities, including a prototype implementation over JADE (Java Agent DEvelopment) platform.

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